The “Commercial Department” is the heart of any company. It needs to “pump” into all the company “veins”, to reach its sucess. Here we study possible ways to keep the company growing, never forgetting our principal aim which is the best quality. Plaisance puts all the efforts to deliver to the customers the best product / service possible.



Most of our production remains artisanal and emphasizes manual work in a concern of perfection which makes each piece of furniture a unique piece to adapt to the demands of the costumers.

Our quality requirements make us choose “selected woods”, mainly, wild cherry wood, oak wood and walnut wood, which come from France and are dried outdoors, then in a steam room.

The quality in the manufacturing process as well as in the field of design is one of the company’s engines.
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The Designers of Plaisance Society use the hand sketching process as the first step of any furniture project. At the very beginning our Designers cooperate as a team to discuss all the ideas presented by each one, until an agreement comes up… always keeping in mind the briefing requierements such as all the needs and problematics the piece(s) implies to the costumer and to the enviroment where it will be placed. All done, the Designers get ready to the next step wich is the 2D draw, assisted by computer.


The 2D/3D is performed through an software used nowadays in industry to have precision in the design of furniture pieces. This method is also used to reduce the error margin as much as possible. The Render, is used to give the customer an idea of how the piece of furniture will look, if the customer is pleased we move into the next stage which is the manufacture of the piece.